How I work / My Philosophy

Desert Fitness Group is based on the belief that active, nutritionally-sound individuals lead happier, more productive lives. We hope to educate and lead people toward healthier living, promoting personal gains, such as improved self esteem and self motivation. We believe real success or victory is achieved through mindful attention, consistent practice, and commitment.

We seek to enable people to identify and develop their inner strengths and personal qualities through progressive fitness programs. These goal-oriented, personalized plans are designed to help people lead extraordinary lives rather than be lead by circumstances.

Serving the Palm Desert and adjacent population by providing fitness education and expertise to the public, we aim to establish ourselves as leaders in the fitness and rehabilitation arena. Our staff Clinical Exercise Specialists focus on assisting people fresh from physical therapy or injury and getting them back to work or to their sport of choice. We believe those who are active in sport will seek out the supportive programs from our facility, specializing in all levels of sporting activities: tennis, golf, cycling, running – from beginner to aficionado, you will find a program for you at Athletic Advantage.

Many people do not seek out fitness help unless they are experiencing chronic or increasing pain. Frequently their lives have been impeded for years before they seek assistance. By offering another avenue for living we hope to help people acquire and continue an active lifestyle, so they can move beyond their pain and get back to work and their choice of active living.

Remember: life is short, play well!